College of Education

BS Child Development and Education

The Child Development and Education Department aims to provide a holistic program to those wishing to pursue a career in early education, in particular to the formation of pre-school and grade school pupils. The major courses offered by the college in this area include intensive training in communication skills, principles and techniques of teaching children and young adults, child development, guidance and counseling the very young, stage play and drama for children, developmental reading, administration and supervision of early childhood education, and the dynamics of observation and participation.

Students are trained further in the craft of molding the young for productive involvement in the home, school and community environments. The CDE program provides opportunities for them to be equipped with the basics not only of childhood growth and development but also of preparing the youth to cope within and without the classroom setting.

Graduates of this course will have the skills to bring out their creative potentials as prospective teachers and good role models in the community. Moreover, they will be encouraged to project the qualities of a child specialist and develop their own artistic capabilities in the form of music, theater production and direction that are considered as the best and most appropriate channels and media for values education.

Upon emerging from the institution, graduates are expected to be of help to in and out-of-school youth, the under-served and underprivileged children, the handicapped and special children, and young adults. They are likewise expected to play a distinct role as agents of change and development in society.

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